Manpower, as the most valuable resource is of crucial important for the company. JET provides equivalent and adequate training and chance of progress, which makes the man's progress in line with JET's development.

Training system
Regarding case for employees as an important responsibility of company, blending all aspects of Company's operation. Offering rather comfortable environment, creating such an atmosphere full of respect, believe and joyfulness. 
Personnel care
We attach great importance to give competitive salary, putting employees'welfare at first place, creating healthy and safe environment, implementing physical and virtual incentive parallel, so that strivers can get timely and reasonable return. We adopt the performance bonus system and equity incentive system, and the personal growth of employees is closely related to the company's operating status, the performance of the department where the employees work and their personal performance contribution also bond closely.​
Career planning

We constantly adhere to explore the sources and channels for employees'career planning, exploring the needs of future talent development, learning new human resources management model, and finally leads to the win-win of company and employees.


We are looking for Region Sales Representative and Project Management Specialist. 

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