Company Profile - Philosophy
Customer comes first
  Our injection molds and products must meet the demands of our customer base. To maintain our competitiveness as a worldwide supplier, we are facing with a threefold challenge:

Product Quality 
On-time Delivery

Competitive Cost

In order to meet these challenges, and to ultimately ensure customer satisfaction, we place great emphasis on quality assurance, recognizing that quality is an integral part of each process and that quality cannot be inspected into a part.

We achieve the integration of quality assurance through the following measures:


Supplier Audits
Incoming Materials Inspection
Statistical Process Control
Root-cause Analysis
Quality Circles
Employee & Management Training

The essential criterion for the success of our Quality system are:

  Full support at all levels of management
Uncompromising quality attitude
Intensive training
Involvement of all departments at all levels
Sustainability of parts, products and materials
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