Multi-shot Injection Molding
Multi-Shot Injection Molding and Two-Shot Injection Molding

JET specializes in multi-shot injection molding as well as two-shot plastic injection molding. We have extensive experience in designing

and building high quality molds for multi-shot and two-shot injection molded plastics for a wide range of applications.

Multi-shot plastic injection molding and two-shot plastic injection molding is an efficient and cost-effective method for molding custom

plastic parts with two or more plastic resins or colors in one operation.

The multi-shot and two-shot plastic injection molding technology enables:
Multi-color, multi-material and multi-component parts
New and wider range of designs
More complex parts and reduced cost
Production, handling and assembly efficiencies and savings
Reduction of multiple and secondary operations
Lower part cost
Enhanced product features and appeal, including tactile, ergonomic and aesthetics
Improved part and end use product integrity and quality
Elimination of secondary process for logos, graphics and text

In multi-shot and two-shot custom plastic injection molding, plastic polymers from two or more injection units are applied through independent nozzles on one plastic injection molding machine to produce custom plastic parts such as soft-grip handle inserts, multi-colored parts,

dashboard or instrumentation, or parts with molded seals, flexible hinges, or movable components.

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